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Worldwide Trail Projects
Organizations Outside the U.S. Having Trail Maintenance Responsibilities

Canada: Alberta Wilderness Association
Canada: East Coast Trail Association
Canada: Ganaraska Hiking Trail Association
Canada: Grand Valley Trails Association
Canada: Thames Valley Trail Association Inc.
Canada: Int'l Appalachian Trail Club - Quebec
Canada: Humber Valley Heritage Trail Assoc.
Canada: Great Divide Trail
Canada: Oak Ridges Trail Association
Canada: Rideau Trail Association
Canada: The Avon Trail
Canada: Bruce Trail Conservancy
Canada: Voyageur Trail Association

Great Britain: British Trust Conservation Volunteers
Great Britain: British Upland Footpath Trust
Great Britain: The Rambler's Association
New Zealand: New Zealand Trust for Conservation Volunteers
New Zealand: Te Araroa Trust
Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein: The Mountain Forest Project


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