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Canada: Rideau Trail Association

Postal Address: P.O. Box 15, Kingston, Ontario K7L 4V6
Tel: 613-545-0823
0000 Email:
Web Page:

The Rideau Trail Association is a non-profit organization and a founding member of Hike Ontario. Its purpose is to preserve and maintain a hiking trail from Kingston to Ottawa. The total length of cleared and marked trails is 387 km. The trail itself crosses terrain ranging from placid farmland to the rugged Canadian shield. It is only intended for walking (hiking), snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. Members of the association automatically gain membership in either the Kingston, Central or Ottawa Rideau Trail club. The clubs undertake the essential work of maintaining the trail, re-routing when necessary, and organizing local hikes and outings. Contact info for the three local clubs is given under "Club Activities" on the above Web page, and the meeting locations can also be found.

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