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Canada: International Appalachian Trail - Quebec

Office Address: IAT-Q, 968 Du Phare Ouest, Matane (Quebec) Canada 00 Postal Address: C.P. 132, Matane (Quebec) G4W 3N1
Tel: 418-562-7885
00 Email: 00 Web Page:

The International Appalachian Trail-Quebec, beginning or ending at Cap-Gaspe in Forillon National Park, is 644 km long. Starting in 1996, the layout of the trail was coordinated by the corporation International Appalachian Trail-Quebec (IAT-QC). Many volunteers and organizations in each region crossed by the trail were involved in all aspects of the project. We keep on recruiting volunteers to sponsor the trail. Being a sponsor is a small implication but a very helpful one, as you help providing a good hiking experience for outdoors lovers and help the further development of a safe and agreeable trail. As a trail sponsor, you look, by yourself or in a team, after the general maintenance a portion of 5 to 15 kilometres of the trail (the equivalent of a day's hike). If not sponsoring a portion of the trail, you might wish to contact IAT-Q via email to see about swinging onto an established trail crew.

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