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Canada: The Avon Trail

Postal Address: P.O. Box 21148, Stafford, Ontario N5A 7V4
Tel: 273-4261, Marion DeGroot Izma
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Web Page:

The Avon Trail is a 104 km hiking trail that runs from St. Marys to Conestogo, Ontario, Canada providing a link between the Thames Valley Trail and the Grand Valley Trail. Most of the trail runs through scenic farmland and meanders along small rivers and streams. Since it is a continuous long distance trail, it also follows a few country backroads and occasionally, a busier route through the small towns between St. Marys and Conestogo. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the trail. Camping and fires are not permitted on the trail. The Avon Trail is also a hiking organization that has the following objectives: to stimulate an interest in hiking; to establish and maintain trails for hiking; to encourage awareness of the natural environment; and to promote the conservation of the environment. Check out the Web page given above for membership and trail maintenance info.

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