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Washington: Volunteers for Outdoor Washington

Office Address: 8511 15th Ave NE, Rm. 206, Seattle, WA 98115
Tel.: 206-517-3019
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Volunteers for Outdoor Washington is a non-profit service organization that recruits, organizes and trains volunteers to perform trail construction and maintenance and to restore natural habitat while preserving the rich heritage features found in Washington State. To accomplish our mission we partner with land managers--from the City of Seattle to the Forest Service--to build trails, restore habitat and preserve Washington State's rich heritage. Over the last two decades we've moved dirt on nearly 200 trails, including many in urban parks and greenbelts around Puget Sound - probably one in your neighborhood.

There are two ways to make a difference, and we at VOW encourage both: (1) volunteer on one of our work parties--check out our calendar of events (after January).

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