mountain high west
"It's a tough life, but somebody has to do it."
(Click to enlarge.) It's "Campy", coming off of a Pacific Crest Trail work week in the Southern Sierra. He's the founder and victim of

About: National Trail System

In 1968, to provide federal assistance to the Appalachian Trail and to establish a national system of trails, Congress passed the National Trails System Act. The act named the Appalachian and Pacific Crest trails as the first two national scenic trails. Ten years later the Continental Divide Trail came into being. Today the National Trails System consists of 11 Congressionally designated National Scenic Trails, which are continuous protected scenic corridors for outdoor recreation (click on Next Page below to visit these NSTs); and National Historic Trails, 19 in number, which recognize broad facets of history such as prominent past routes of exploration, migration, trade, communication, and military action. National Recreation Trails are existing trails recognized by the Federal Government as contributing to the National Trails System. Outside links: National Scenic Trails National Recreation Trails National Historic Trails .

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