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Maryland: Mountain Club of Maryland

Postal Address: MCM, 7923 Galloping Circle, Baltimore, MD 21244
Tel. 410-377-6266
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We are hikers, primarily and foremost, the oldest hiking club in Maryland (since 1934) and the premier hiking group in the state. We are a Baltimore-based volunteer organization that is centered on hiking. We support Leave No Trace principles, work on local trails and on the nation's first National Scenic Trail, the Appalachian Trail. We organize and lead hikes and other outdoor activities, such as camping, seasonal canoe trips and backpacking weekends. The Mountain Club of Maryland is proudly one of the 30 hiking clubs in America who share responsibility for maintaining sections of the 2,175-mile footpath designated the Appalachian Trail. For over 60 years, our volunteers have cleared storm damage and deadfall from the Trail, worked on repairing trail damaged by ice storms, hurricanes and severe erosion. We have built and maintained four shelters along the AT in Pennsylvania. Our monitoring teams regularly scout the boundaries of the AT corridor, and our AT trail maintainers check on the trail conditions.

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